How it started !!

Indian Biker Girl


A small introduction about myself and how it all started !!

I am Hema Koduru, and I love to wear the gear with pride. I have been riding along with a pack of Enfielders since 2014. I am also a solo wanderer in a race to catch more fresh air.

I was a city rider for about four years zooming in and around Bangalore. On a fine early Sunday morning, I happen to face trouble with my bike and after few examinations, was with the clutch cable. I decided to tow it to a nearby service station. Whilst my bike was getting fixed, happened to eavesdrop on a discussion about an upcoming ride the floks signed up for.

I noticed a man coming towards me to inquire about my bike which signed up the conversation. He introduced me to his group and shared their past biking experience. I was so…

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