About women

Fast cars are the perfect companion for a girl, far better than fashion bags or high heels: that’s the real way to be classy. The bigger we can get a car, the less we need a man. Feeling the power of an engine is an unique ‘nd intense sensation. Powerful, stylish, loyal and ready to meet our wants, so girls’ cars should be. These are all things a normal man can’t be, and can’t give. That’s why guys are so worried about women drivin’: ridin’ girls learn fast to be indipendent, and we’re not coming back. Strenght is an attitude, before a physical state. Real boys get so excited when they meet a ridin’girl: that’s a true and hard challange to reach her level.

Ridin’ladies can’t stand girly complaints about the fact they feel weak or ensecure without their boy. Well, that’s something that a suv can remediate. When you get inside a suv, it doesn’t matter if you are a tiny girl, because you feel protected and served, as we girls deserve.

Ridin’girls don’t want to stay in the backseat, we don’t want to be taken around in a car. Only weak or lazy girls do it. We drive our suv by our own, and far better than guys.


Boys, don’t show me that you bought an expensive car, show us that you can drive as good as we can do. The noise of an engine is the only thing I wanna hear, not stupid talks about your car. Just talk about those ones when you’re with your silly friends and you want to show-off. That won’t work with a ridin’ girl! Try to be after her with your car, that’s a way to impress her, and maybe one day you’ll get sitted next to her. But it’s a long way to the top, boys, you have to deserve that.
So boys, just look at some ridin’ girls of these blog, and try to learn something. Otherwise dont’t bother us, because we’ll leave you in the dust.

Sally Golan

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